How We Do It



Clearly the most fun…. After deciding what kind of wine I want to bottle, I start the search for suitable wines. I’ll go through dozens of samples; Some are rejected outright, but most of them I mentally file away in the “needs work” category. Using my “flavor memory”, I start to fill in holes with different varietals, apply various fining techniques, and potential filtering processes to achieve the profile I’m after.

Blending and Tweaking

This is where things are still fun, but can get a little technical. To achieve my desired result, I’ll go through as many as 50 different blending trials. Each trial is bottled and left to sit for a few weeks to see how flavors and textures are interacting; If they pass muster, they move on to the next round of trials. When I’ve finally settled on a blend, I’ll make the decision to fine and filter the wine, cold stabilize it, or potentially, do none of the above….it really depends on the wine.


bottles large.jpg

Bottling, Ageing, and Quality Control

Once I’ve gotten the wine where I want it, it’s time to bottle. Afterwards it gets packed into cases and is sent off to a climate controlled warehouse to wait, and wait, and wait. Wine tends to go through “mood swings” after bottling, and I only release the wine for sale once those teenage fluctuations have calmed down (if you purchase a future, this is where your wine is). How do I know when this process is over? Tasting. When I pull a bottle and it’s flavors and textures have come into balance, only then is it officially released.