Hand-Picked Wines, Tremendous Value


A New Approach to Quality.

Here at Spare Barrel, we don’t make wine. We seek it out. We search through hundreds of dark musty cellars, dozens of heat-scorched and fog drenched vineyards, and more than a few over-ambitious winemakers to find the real gems. All of our wines are handpicked from unique and delicious vineyards across California and the greater west coast.

The brainchild of a wine nerd, Spare Barrel was started after letting the idea marinate for nearly a decade. Many fantastic wines never see the light of day because they are sold off to mega-wineries and blended in to mass production bottlings’. Instead of letting these wines disappear, I seek them out and bottle them as true expressions of place. Most of what I find are small lots of boutique, high-end producers that simply exceed production targets for wineries.


I don’t just buy anybody’s wine… The wines need to be interesting, they need to be balanced, and they need to be clean. For every wine I put in bottle, I sample countless others. So if you’re bored getting the same wines from the same winery in your club shipments, grab a few bottles and give’em a whirl; I think you’ll be happy you did.


You Deserve a Good Glass of Wine.