David McCluskey

Owner & Chief Tastiness Officer

A Wine Nerd and Foodie to The Core.

As a professional chef and sommelier, my world revolves around the kitchen table. I’m an outspoken advocate of slowfood, spending time with loved ones, and generally living with the french phrase “joie de vivre” in mind. To me, delicious meals and bottles of wine are meant to be shared, and it’s those experiences that bring us real fulfillment.

If, like me, you’re a lover of all things delicious, give the wines a try. I think you’ll find them well put together and a refreshing change from the typical.



Will You Like My Wines?

Essentially, if you like European wines as well as New World styles, settle in, you’ll have a similar palate.

I see the merit of many different styles, each one having an appropriate time and place, and I’ll point out my thoughts on this for each wine you’ll find here; some wines are great for the couch and a magazine, some need food, some are best when consumed with a cool fall breeze. It just depends.

Sit back, cruise the selections on offer, and pick out a few to try out.


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